Summer Camps


Sunday Funday Camps

June 5 & 26; August 7 & 21, September 11, 9:00 – Noon

Ages: 4 through Grade 4

Come to one. Come to three…or all five. Come whenever you are available. These are mini camp sessions that are designed around the theme of Caring for Creation. Using the Spark VBS series, each session has a different focus and is designed for adventurous learning. Pastor Anne, Shannon Conners and the Peace Youth Leadership Team will be excited to have you come.


Little Explorers

For Preschool/Early Elementary Kids and a Favorite Adult

June 15 – Wednesday 9:30am 

Aug 17 – Wednesday 9:30am

Join Pastor Doug on a short hiking adventure designed for little folks that have lots of curiosity and an adult who loves them.  Simple, beautiful, and exciting places to explore as we look closely at how God works in creation. Call or email Peace to sign up.  We will begin at Peace at 9:30am.