I’m New


We often hear people describe Peace as a place where they feel welcomed, cared for, and invited to participate as part of the greater community.

Peace Lutheran Church welcomes everyone because Jesus welcomes everyone.  You are welcome here because you have been created in God’s image and are essential to the world.  You are welcome here because in Christ, you are loved.  Your abilities, ethnicity, culture, gender identity/expression, race, sexual orientation and socioeconomic circumstances are welcome here.  Your people—family, children, friends, partner and neighbors are welcome here.  You are welcome here because God is inviting you to be here.  Welcome!

Next Steps…

Connecting with Pastors

Our pastoral team is excited to engage in dialogue related to almost anything—the practices of church, God’s Triune nature, how to get involved at Peace, Holy Communion for children—whatever your question, the conversation is important.  Please contact any of them at 608.849.7322 or email peace@explorepeace.org.

Finding a place to connect

Your desire to serve, to learn, to engage in ministry, and meet people is important. Please check out all the links to find what is important to you.  You are welcome to try out any of these experiences. Questions?  Please contact us at peace@explorepeace.org.

Interested in Joining?

We would love to have you become a part of the Peace community as we partner in doing ministry together.  Wherever you are coming from—another church, a different denomination, a different religion, no religious background at all—you are welcome to be a member of Peace.