Baptism is the sacrament where we tangibly experience God naming, claiming and marking us as God’s own forever.  We call it a “sacrament” because we understand it as a saving act of God for us.

In the Lutheran tradition, we baptize infants. When an infant is baptized, parents promise to help their child live in God’s grace and love. Another group of people who are “sponsors” and sometimes referred to as “godparents” also stand with the one being baptized and promise to pray for them, to support them in their faith journey and love them throughout their lives. It is a circle of saints.

Not all people are baptized as infants.  Because of that, we meet people wherever they are on their journey and baptize them whenever they are ready.  That includes young children, adults–people of all ages.

Whenever water is joined with God’s Word, God promises to be present.

If you desire to be baptized, or would like to have your child baptized, please fill out our baptismal form  to begin the process. You can schedule a baptism for any of our worship services.  Contact the church office for the current worship schedule: /608.849.7322.

Once you have completed the online registration form, one of the pastors will contact the parents and/or person to be baptized to confirm the date, talk about what baptism means and what will happen on the day of the baptism.