Route 78

Route 78 is the learning opportunity for middle school students (grades 7 & 8), and as part of our confirmation ministry, focuses on Scripture.  We spend time on Old Testament and New Testament stories that help us better understand Jesus.  

 Route 78 plans for fall of 2020…

Route 78 starts on Wednesday, October 7, 2020  for all 7th through 8th grade students.  This program will be a parent/student partnership with the pastoral team.  Studies have shown over and over again, students learn about faith from their parents and are most likely to follow in faith if parent’s value faith experiences. Thank you for partnering in this process.

Each month this quarter (October through December) we will:

  • Meet two times for a lesson on Zoom where 1 – the pastoral team will give a short lesson on a scripture story relative to the lives or our youth, 2 – hear from a guest speaker and 3 – end with discussion and questions.  
  • Engage in one ‘Finding a Way Forward’ project – doing or making one thing each month that makes the world a better place by sharing God’s love in tangible ways. 
  • Practice an intentional hour of Sabbath together.  It is important to tend relationships and tend faith time. We want you to take at least one hour a month to do something intentional that is a sabbath practice. (A list of possibilities can be found in the document below). 

For additional information and to view the fall calendar of events, download the document below.

To register your student or ask questions, email Pastor Karen Locken at