Wild Word Worship: Sundays, June 11, 18 and 25 @ 8:30 AM.

There is a lot under the sky. God’s world is big…and so…we are piloting another worship opportunity on Sunday mornings in June as we seek fresh ways to connect with the magnitude of God and the world.

Wild Word Worship takes us out into creation to explore how God is on the loose among us. Like we did in “pop up worship”, we will adventure to beautiful places near Waunakee to experience God’s presence among us in places of nature. Our worship will explore God’s Word of scripture in the midst of creation. We will see the intricacy of how the eco systems around us work as we encounter butterflies, frogs, wild flowers, turtles, birds, trees, natural springs, and all the seasonal miracles of the world around us. It is a great opportunity for families with small children and people of all ages who wish to try a new faith practice in the wild. 

What to expect?

  • We will gather in the Peace parking lot at 8:30 AM. (Piloting this on Sundays in June 2023)
  • Pastor Doug will hand out a map to where we are going and we will then drive to the adventure site. (Some might choose to caravan. Others might wish to simply meet up at the location.)
  • We recommend that participants dress in the kind of gear one might wear to go on a hike or a walk. Layers for cool mornings that can be shed as the sun warms the world around us work well.
  • We also recommend a water bottle, bug repellant and sun screen.
  • When we arrive at the site, we will gather as a group and Pastor Doug will share a list of the things we are going to be looking for…and why they are important in the world God has created.
  • We will go off to explore the place and see what we can find for a period of time.
  • We will gather again at a designated time to share a bit about what we experienced, and culminate the outdoor worship adventure with communion and prayer.
  • At that time, we will return to our vehicles and head back to Peace to join our traditional worship friends for coffee, tea, etc. and treats.

Where will we go?

Options will include (but are not limited to) Holy Wisdom, Dorn Creek Wildlife Area, Cherokee Marsh, Schumacher Farm, Bolz Conservancy, Pheasant Branch, Wilke Prairie Preserve, a strawberry patch, Village Center Pond, and/or some local tree farms. Meet at 8:30 in the Peace Parking Lot and you will get a map to the destination of the day…

If you have questions, or want more information, please email Pastor Doug at doug.locken@nullexplorepeace.org. and/or call/text him at 608.516.5587.