Pop Up Worship

Check back weekly to learn when and where you’ll find us for our next Pop Up Worship Event. It will also be communicated via our weekly Worship email. If you’re not receiving the weekly Peace email communication, call the church office at 608-849-7322.

What is Pop Up Worship?

Pop Up Worship is a brief worship adventure in a public outdoor location.  It will include a prayer, reading, Holy Communion and benediction….but will mostly be defined by its participants.  That is, if it is a group of mostly adults, it could be pondering a question as we gather for a few minutes outside admiring the beauty of creation and receiving the bread and wine of Jesus to sustain us for another segment of our journeys. If it is mostly families with children it could also include making snow angels or chatting by a fire or roasting marshmallows in the right setting. We don’t know exactly—other than this—we will offer some possibilities to gather outdoors practicing our best Covid safety practices. Each place is scheduled for 10-15 minutes—tops!  Help us create some outdoor worship adventures.