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COVID PROTOCOL UPDATE AS OF 1.13.22:  Understanding that our Peer Ministry team who is essential to the leadership of KiX is made up of high school students whose primary role at this time is to be high school students coupled with the fact that this program includes children who are not yet eligible for vaccinations and who are not always able to maintain appropriate masking, we are going virtual with this program through Spring Break to reduce the chance of unnecessary Covid exposure.  We will be virtual with this program that includes on-line videos available through our YouTube channel as well as kits that families can have for all the craft projects that can be done at home.  If you would like a KiX kit, please email Shannon Conners at


KiX – Kids in Christ aka Sunday School

Kids in Christ (KiX) is what most people know as “Sunday School”.  It is a place where we do hands on projects and engage in various experiences to learn about Jesus and important stories of the Bible.  It is for students ages 3 through Grade 4. KiX happens twice a week during the academic year—Wednesdays at 5:45 PM and Sundays at 9:30 AM. Depending upon your schedule, you can attend the session that is most convenient for you each week. Friends are welcome.

Due to Covid-19 we are also offering a virtual option to include two videos each month for your children to watch at a time that works best for your family. The interactive videos can be mostly done by the kids with the directive of the PYLT leaders and a craft kit that each family will receive from Peace.

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 If you are a parent of a 3 year old through 4th grade student who is interested in learning more about the KiX program please contact Shannon Conners, KiX Coordinator at

Worship options are also happening at Peace on Wednesday evenings.  Click here to learn more!

*PYLT—is the acronym for Peace Youth Leadership Team.  This is an amazing group of high school peer leaders who care deeply about their younger peers and want to help them know God’s love and promise.

KiX Videos

December Video #2 – Jesus is Born
December Video #1 – Angel’s Visit
November Video #1
November Video #2 – Advent
October Video #1
October Video #2