In-Person Outdoor Worship


In-Person Outdoor Worship

Sundays @ 9:00 AM

Parking Lot of Peace Lutheran Church

All Are Welcome. All Means All.

We plan to meet outside as long as people are willing to brave the weather. Bundle up, bring a blanket and hot coffee and we’ll make sure the fire is ready and warm. No sign up or reservations necessary!

On Sunday mornings at 9:00AM we will be worshiping on the east side of the Peace building where it is the most ADA accessible.  You may park in the parking lot and find us on the O’Malley Street side of our building.  Stations with communion elements, hymnals, etc. are available for pick up and to take to your seats. Parents are welcome to supervise their children on the play equipment and we encourage appropriate Covid protocol if there are multiple families in that area.  We will also provide some creative worship options for children. In case of inclement weather, feel free to join us for our simultaneous 9:00AM INDOOR worship service in the sanctuary.

Thank you for helping us tend the most vulnerable among us with love and compassion.

Please know there is a recorded service available for those not yet ready to gather in a public way. You may find that HERE.