Reconciling In Christ

December 16th, 2018 was a stunning day of experiencing God’s love made known in a powerful way. To acknowledge publicly from this day forward in symbol and by gesture that we are a congregation that welcomes everyone…always…all the time…is a powerful display of hospitality.

We will keep welcoming and extending our hospitality in important and meaningful ways to those who feel most on the fringe of church community. As the chorus of “I’s” rang out boldly and loudly, and the invitation for “nays” brought a stunning  silence, I choked up. It was a moment I will long remember.  For a member of my family, for the kid wondering about her gender identity, for the teenage boy who just came out as gay, for the one who always thought of himself as an outsider, for those who thought the church didn’t include them, for those who thought God’s love and grace and goodness wasn’t for them, I am grateful that we affirmed the raw truth–that God’s love…and grace…and mercy is for all people all of the time.

Thank for the bold vote of love. We are officially a Reconciling in Christ congregation.