6.13.21 Outdoor Order of Worship

Order of Worship for Sunday, June 13 at 9AM
Outdoors in Peace Parking Lot

Music Leader:  Patrick Barlow with Sherry Johnson

Worship Leaders:  Pastor Doug and Pastor Karen

Prelude/Gathering Music…

#879  For the Beauty of the Earth

#720  We Are Called

#670  Build Us Up, Lord



Holy God:  We want to live in right relationship with you, with your creation and with each other.  For the ways we need grace, please grant it.  For the ways we need your love, please love us.  For whatever we need forgiveness for in our lives today, please forgive us.  


Prayer of the Day –  Holy One, for all you have given us, we are grateful.  As we consider the gift of a mustard seed, please help us see the potential in our lives and the lives of all people.  Help us work together to enhance the common good for the whole of creation.  Amen.


Preaching Text & Sermon

Song: #Hymn of Day-#820 (Hymnal Supplement) Many are the Lightbeams

Prayers of the People (response to “Lord in your Mercy” is “Hear our prayer.”) 

Holy Communion + Lord’s Prayer 

(soft music during the receiving bread + wine)

Communion Blessing 



Closing Hymn– ##821 (Hymnal Supplement) Bring Forth the Kingdom