Fall 2020: Faith Together, Wherever We Are

Fall Information for Education and Worship:

  •  KiX starts October 4th.   Two videos per month, featuring PYLT staff, will be available for families and kids to view at a time that works for their family.  The interactive videos can be mostly done by the kids with the directive of the PYLT leaders using a craft kit that each family will receive from Peace.  We will focus on a series of seven Biblical stories that lead us through fall to Christmas. Parent meetings were held the week of September 14th.  If you missed it and are a parent of a 3 year old through 4th grade student who is interested in signing up or learning more about the KiX program, please contact Shannon Conners, KiX Coordinator at shannon.conners@nullexplorepeace.org or visit the KiX page of the Peace website.  
  • Route 56 starts October 7th for all 5th and 6th graders. A weekly Zoom format will connect us using small groups with a leader where we will learn together interactively online each week.  Parent meetings were held the week of September 14th.  If you missed it,  contact Shannon Conners, at shannon.conners@nullexplorepeace.org and she will get you caught up. For more information click here to visit the Route 56 page of the Peace website.
  • Route 78 and Adventure 910 starts on Wednesday, October 7th for all 7th through 10th grade students.  This program will be a parent/student partnership with the pastoral team.  Each month, October through December, we will:
    • Meet two times for a lesson on Zoom.   Meetings will include a Scripture story and mini sermon, a guest speaker and some time for Q&A at the end.  Our guest speakers are people who are doing interesting things in the world that are related to their faith formation.  We will be hearing from young adults who have been participants in Peace ministries throughout their growing years.
    • Engage in one ‘Finding a Way Forward’ project – doing or making one thing each month that makes the world a better place by sharing God’s love in tangible ways. 
    • Practice an intentional hour of Sabbath together.

***For more details and the fall calendar, visit the Route 78 or Adventure 910 page on the Peace website.  

  • Adult Education –  In addition to the usual Coffee and Chocolate, we are looking to add some other alternatives—that include a variety of voices, styles and learning experiences.  We are planning on a wider selection of online options that meet the needs of different interests of our adult community.  More information will be coming as we shore up opportunities with various leaders including our own.
In addition we are looking at various worship formats for fall…including how we might be able to worship together online…in a more “live” style format which would be followed by an online coffee fellowship gathering as well as a more contemporary style of streamlined worship as an option for families.


For those in our congregation who are not part of an online community because they do not have computer or wifi access, we are working on strategies to be inclusive.