Pop Up Worship (meeting at the Pheasant Branch Conservancy, Middleton)

January 23, 2022 @ 9:00 am – 9:15 am

Pop Up Worship is a brief worship adventure in a public outdoor location. It will include a prayer, reading, Holy Communion and benediction….but will mostly be defined by its participants.
We will meet right off of Highland Way in Middleton by the meadow by the woods and the watertower. From Peace, take County Q towards Middleton. Turn right on Century Avenue. Go past the Dollar Store + one long block and turn Right on Highland Way. About a block or so in, there is a community garden area (on the right). Immediately beyond that, is the wide path that leads towards the water tower. Pastor Karen will be just off the waterpower path…on the meadow side…about a block or so in. We will do a small Pop Up worship there…and then you may choose to go through the woods on freshly created paths…or on the longer loop that leads around past the springs and through the woods on the other side. Or you can return to the warmth of your car and head home. Again, 10-15 minutes max…at 9:00 in the meadow area by the water tower. Parking is readily available on the street…and the walk in is easy and about a block from the street entrance.